Rebranding + Packaging

Rebranding + Packaging



Everyone loves a good quality snack. Especially when it’s home made and every bite is loaded with that delicious cheesy flavor. Still, after years of being one of the signature snacks filling American homes with authentic flavor, many could remember the taste, yet struggled to call them by name.

That’s why to maintain family tradition — and family recipe — we worked closely with our client to make sure we brought out the brand’s realness and authenticity into the homes of its customers.

Our rebranding of ”These are the ones” reassures John Wm. Macy’s is the flavor everyone loves, and the name everyone’s got on the tip of their tongues.

Of course, with every great idea there’s always a greater challenge. With limited timing and budget, we managed to create a series of web videos to launch the campaign online, carrying out the message across multiple social media channels.



John Wm. Macy’s wanted to invite customers to experience its new philosophy. That’s why in good taste, we extended the campaign to include ‘Crispy Rewards’ to give customers more of the goodness they love.